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1. Edmonton EClub100

Skill Knowledge Training Learning Sharing Classes

1.1 Class 101 - Allen Bradley PLC MicroLogix 1100 Plus HMI

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1.2 Class 102 - Engineering 3D Modelling

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1.3 Class 103 - AutoCAD Engineering Design Drafting

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1.4 Class 104 - VFD MCC Electrical Wiring Schematic Design Commissioning Troubleshooting

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1.5 Class 105 Allen Bradley ControLogix

Allen Bradley ControLogix

1.6 Class 106 Power System Modelling, ETAP, coming soon.

Class 106 Power System Modelling, ETAP, coming soon. software license $25k CAD annual or subscription.

2. Edmonton EClub200

Skill Knowledge Training Learning Sharing Classes

2.1 Class 201 - Pump Station

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2.2 Class 202 - Water Wastewater Treatment Plant

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2.3 Class 203 - Oil Battery Plant

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3. Engineering

3.1 TBD coming, drafting, designing, stamping, system study report, relay setting report

Staffing company is extended HR service to your company.

We have a policy to recognize overhead. This legitimates training, administration.

In some firms, due to zero overhead policy, from department manager, project lead to individuals, they have to use their ways to find overhead. That policy forces people to lie to cheat.

3.2 In our company, overhead is entitled instead of approved. We believe that 40-1>40. You are expected to teach yourself or receive training using overhead. A long term relationship is exptected between employer and employee.

When we supplies personnel, we also periodically supervise and monitor their daily work. Therefore, the staffing sourcing by us is not only one person’s help and assistance, but also assistance from a company.

JSW Engineering is a good partner to many global companies doing projects in Northern Alberta.

We can provide front end assistance, such as data collection, data verification. These engineering activities are critical to a successful project. Close to project sites and having capabilities are our advantages to serve your business.

3.3 as-build from redline markup, as-build from field survey vefify

3.4 lighting design, calculation assistance, to EPC designer, to e-house fabrication vendor

3.5 3D modelling building, for e-house fabrication, for EPC, for construction planner, construction coordination, animation for activity sequence optimization

3.6 power system study, relay setting

3.7 PLC programming, HMI graphics design

3.8 site construction assistance, commissioning supervision, startup assistance

3.9 Engineering Service Presentation

4. Building Control System, Office Management System

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Applications could be: high rise building, shared building, clinic, mechanic garage, small shop, etc.

5. Meeting Management System

Meeting attendance

You do not have to circulte sign in sheet and ask each person to putdown their names and signatures.

6. Testing @ Web

This test is suitable for multiple choices. Choose the best answer.

Testing - Multiple Choice

7. ClubPay


8. Community Support

Community Support

9. Data Base Maintenance

Data Base Maintenance Administration

10. Inspection, Testing, Maintenance, As-building

Electrical Inspection